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We specialize in turning around
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10+ years of experience in addiction marketing and over 5,500 beds filled

Is your rehab marketing campaign bleeding money?

Probably! We see wasted spend in account after account.

Would you like to get more admissions for your money?

We routinely cut cost per admission by 30 to 60% in the first 90 days.

We’ve done it for dozens of clients with over $78M in ad spend and we’ll do it for you.

Hard to believe you could save that much?

Move the sliders or select an example to see how small optimizations compound into large savings.

Example 1 Example 2
Cost/Click From $10 to $9 No Change
Conversion Rate (Call to Quality Call) From 10% to 11% From 10% to 12%
Conversion Rate (Call to Quality Call) From 10% to 12% From 10% to 14%
Close Rate (Quality Call to Admit) No Change From 20% to 25%
RESULT 31.7% Reduction in Cost/Admit
52.6% Reduction in Cost/Admit
Cost Per Click: $10
Conversion Rate (Click to Call): 10%
Conversion Rate (Call to Quality Call): 10%
Close Rate (Quality Call to Admit): 20%

Cost Per Call:


Cost Per Quality Call:


Cost Per Admit:


Rehab Industry Client Case Studies

242% increase in calls in 6 months

Remuda Ranch, now Meadows Ranch, Eating Disorder Treatment Center Wickenberg, AZ

270% increase in qualified calls in 60 days for the same budget

Large Residential Rehab, 100+ Bed Residential Rehab

604% increase in admissions while lowering cost per admission by 86% in 90 days

The River Source, Residential Rehab Center - Mesa, AZ

50% Gain in Qualified Calls in 90 Days

Suncoast Rehab Center Addiction Rehab Center, Clearwater, FL

Whatever It Takes – It’s All Included

Landing Pages Included

Landing pages with compelling design and persuasive copy.

Split Testing Included

Continuous split-testing of landing page elements drive long term performance gains that squeeze more results from each dollar spent.

Super Fast Hosting Included

Super fast hosting that drives higher conversion rates, particularly important on mobile devices.


Co-developed with Frederick Vallaeys, from the Google team that created the quality score algorithm and founder of PPC automation platform OPTMYZR.

CRO Included

Conversion rate optimization consulting improves performance for your whole website. Leverage our experience to improve your conversion rate quickly.

SPARC Optimized for Quality

Our proprietary 'SPARC process' provides you with:
qualified leads that convert,
warm callers that convert, &
shoppers that buy more.

Call Tracking

Go beyond ordinary call tracking by following the caller from initial contact through to the final sale.

Call Generation

Need phone calls?
We have years of experience at generating high quality calls.

Leveraging CRM Data

Use your valuable CRM data to bring higher quality leads that move down your CRM pipeline and become sales.

Large Accounts Require Specialists

Large accounts behave very differently. They require specific strategies & experience.

Large Account Focus Enables Stellar Service

We don’t work with small clients, we only partner with high-volume clients who can most benefit from our full-service, specialized approach.

Experience with Large Accounts

With over 78M in managed spend to date, we know how to run large accounts efficiently.

Accuracy at Scale

Automation for safe & efficient control of large budgets, always under the supervision of an experienced account manager. We call this Humane Automation.

Artificial Intelligence

Our focus on quality is the rocket fuel that ad platform AI’s need to shine and produce extraordinary results.

Continuous Improvement

Sit back and watch as your ad copy, landing page conversion rate, CTR, cost per call, & call quality improve month after month.

Experienced Account Managers

We’ll never hand your account off to a junior account manager. The same high-level strategist you speak with will manage your account.

Facebook Leads

Crack the FB Code for affordable leads. Get high quality leads from real people using cutting edge strategies you won’t find anywhere else.

All-Inclusive Service

Whatever it takes to make your campaign a success is included. Whether it is landing pages, split-testing, hosting, or something completely unique.

Large Account Data Optimization

Demographic, geographic, device type, lead quality - data that is too sparse to use on smaller accounts can yield substantial gains in large accounts.

Google Analytics Data Analysis

Identify your best customers and find more like them. Boost performance of AdWords, Bing & Facebook Ads.


Craig is one of the best paid search strategists with whom I've ever had the pleasure of working. His clients should feel assured that they're in great hands when they work with Craig - without a doubt.

Abhilash Patel

Digital marketing executive

I've seen BetterPPC consistently produce immense cost savings in account after account, generating new revenue and profits for clients. Their persistent focus on performance and ROI puts them in a league of their own.

Troy Ireland

CEO - Digital Current

Better PPC and Craig have been a huge part of our organization’s success. I have been an executive for close to 30 years and Better PPC has been one of those amazing business relationships you wish you had more of.

Glen Petcavage

Executive Director at A Life Is Worth Living

We have been working with Better PPC Management for going on 7 weeks and the number of views and conversions on our website has tripled. Over the last three weeks our sales force has been able to turn those conversions into sales, resulting in an increase of around 60%.

Nicholas Thiel

Drug Rehab Industry Executive Director

Thank you for all you have done for me and my company. You made my business successful by working your magic and for 2 years my beds were always full. I would recommend your company to anyone needing the very best in PPC management.

Dr. Lenny Flaum

President/CEO Laguna Beach Recovery

Better PPC is the best PPC management agency we’ve worked with hands down. They’ve saved me lots of money over the years and helped me keep our beds full. I highly recommend them.

Daniel Manson

CEO Elevate Addiction Services

I really appreciate how you helped us take our PPC campaigns to the next level.

Steve Laats

VP of Operations Northpoint Recovery

What We Do

PPC for Large Accounts

Most PPC management companies will give you a junior account rep who may be “certified”, but who lacks real-world experience managing large accounts.

Lead Generation

Pay-per-click advertising on AdWords and Bing Ads is hands-down the most measurable and cost-effective tactic for client and prospect Lead Generation.

Phone Call Generation

We specialize in telephone PPC that makes your phone ring with the quality calls that lead to sales.

Drug Rehab Marketing

Over 10 years of experience and millions of dollars in spend for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Get it right the first time.

Drug Rehab Marketing that Drives Quality Calls

We have 10+ years of experience connecting families facing addiction with accredited drug rehabs

We manage hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in pay-per-click advertising for drug rehabs and alcohol addiction treatment centers. No other PPC managers know this industry like we do.

PPC is the most measurable form of marketing and advertising

in the addiction and alcoholism treatment industry, allowing you to tightly control your budget and get the highest return on investment for your marketing dollars. This makes PPC ideal for drug abuse treatment programs and alcohol rehabs. However, if your pay-per-click Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaign is not expertly managed, you’ll burn up your budget on website clicks that don’t turn into phone calls, or on phone calls from people who aren’t the right fit for your program.

PPC is also particularly good for the rehab industry

because ads are in response to an immediate need. In the case of drug rehab, it means the searcher is asking for help right then, and the advertiser is in a perfect position to answer that call for help. Better PPC Management has years of experience developing and managing complex PPC campaigns for drug rehab centers designed to keep your phones ringing with highly-qualified inquiries so you can keep your beds filled while maintaining a healthy waiting list.

When managing PPC campaigns for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment we focus on:

Eliminating irrelevant paid clicks such as those who aren’t financially qualified, those who are looking for free assistance, or those looking for something else entirely (e.g. people searching for celebrity, wildlife, or spinal rehab).

Keeping call quality high by carefully tracking call data to continuously optimize your campaign. We use your records of which calls were qualified and which resulted in admits; and your phone operators’ call-quality rating to learn which keywords bring in the best results so we can spend your money wisely.

Integrating your PPC campaign with your CRM or database systems. We make sure your data about admits and call quality is actually used to improve your results and save you money.

Building, split-testing, and hosting fast-loading landing pages that convert rehab visitors into qualified callers.

Making your phone ring with qualified calls from people seeking treatment.

Tracking each click and keyword to see:

  • Whether that click resulted in a call.
  • Whether the caller was relevant, interested, and qualified.
  • Which calls resulted in admits.

Ensuring click quality with our proprietary list of over 100,000 negative keywords developed over 10+ years of working in the drug rehab industry.

Our experience is your competitive advantage

With over ten years experience in behavioral health, we make your dollars go further from day one. Unlike some companies where you’ll spend time and money educating them on your category, our experience eliminates the learning curve. We know how to maximize your PPC investment by targeting the right keywords for your business and avoiding the typical pitfalls that most companies run into.

We invest in industry specific strategies that other agencies may never develop

Our industry position managing millions of dollars of rehab budget per year allows us to test and innovate new strategies that keep our clients ahead of the curve and leave the competition scratching their heads.

Many addiction treatment centers pay for keywords like “rehab” – and end up paying thousands of dollars per week on searches for the latest celebrity that checked into rehab, an athlete doing injury rehab, or on searches for things like “stroke rehab” or “physical therapy rehabilitation.” Give it a try – type “Rehab Addict” (the name of a popular television show about fixing houses) into Bing, and see how many drug rehab facilities show up in the search results. This doesn’t happen to our clients.

Don’t waste your advertising budget on irrelevant searches, clicks and calls

from people looking for “free rehab” or “Medicaid” subsidized rehab. Yet, type “free rehab” into Google or Bing and see how many paid ads come up for addiction treatment programs that are going to waste time and money telling people, “Sorry, we don’t offer free rehab.” Is your program showing up for searches like these?

You’ll love getting an account review from us

We’ll provide your drug rehab or addiction treatment center with an account review, showing you precisely how we can optimize your PPC marketing for a dramatically improved return on your ad spend that delivers not just website clicks and more calls – but lower-cost, better calls that lead to admits from qualified inquiries.

We’ll tell you exactly how much we can improve your specific account performance and how quickly we can get you there. Even if you don’t hire us, the account review will give you valuable information that will save you money. Contact us to find out if you qualify for an account review.

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