We Don’t Just Get You Phone Calls. We Get You Calls That Convert.

With Most Phone Call Generation Strategies, We See These Problems:

Bids are optimized to generate the maximum number of calls for the lowest cost per call. The problem is, not all phone calls are created equal. Some calls are much more qualified and valuable than others. The trick is to know which ones.

If you’re in an industry where sales occur offline, sales data is often not available for marketing optimization.

Even when sales data is tracked perfectly, with big ticket items (e.g. cars, homes, loans, contracts, or admissions) there is generally not a high enough volume of sale events to allow for statistically significant keyword bid decisions.

Our Solution is To Use SPARC
to Generate Highly Qualified Calls

SPARC is an acronym for Sales Pipeline Analysis Reporting Circuit

SPARC uses your valuable sales pipeline & call data to bid on the keywords that really matter.

SPARC produces goldilocks call data: that is plentiful enough to be statistically significant but still meaningful enough to use for bidding decisions.
By identifying qualified calls, SPARC allows us to track not just which keywords generate calls, but which generate QUALITY calls.

Here’s an overview of
works with call generation:

1 First, we help clients establish the definition of a “qualified lead” and establish a process of creating a reporting circuit through which qualified leads are reported back to the marketing team. We can pull this data from your CRM system or from any format you provide.

2 Examples of a “qualified lead” would be: an insurance verification for an addiction treatment center, a loan application for a mortgage broker, or it could be a subjective evaluation by your staff.

3 Next we analyze the client’s sales records to determine the precise value of each qualified lead, e.g. how many qualified leads it will take, on average, to produce a sale.

4 We then use this data to accurately predict which keywords will produce high quality leads, and set bids accordingly.

This allows us to do 4 things:

  • Outbid the competition for keywords that produce high quality calls
  • Free up staff to focus on closing qualified calls
  • Eliminate keywords that produce low quality calls
  • Increase overall ROI by lowering the cost per acquisition

To read a specific client case of how SPARC works click here.

Benefits of SPARC : Quality and Acceleration


How more qualified calls benefit you:

  • Higher quality calls are worth more to your business
  • Better intelligence lets you outbid your competitors
  • Reallocate your spend away from lower-converting calls
  • Free up valuable sales staff time to focus on qualified calls
  • Improve morale of your sales staff


How accelerating optimization benefits you:

  • Accelerate the slow process of gathering statistically meaningful data
  • By optimizing for mid-funnel goals SPARC lets us improve your results MUCH FASTER than other agencies
  • We find the calls that convert, and find them fast
  • We accomplish in weeks or months what would take other agencies years

Making your phone ring is our specialty.
We’ll help you overcome these common problems:

Overuse of Call-Only Campaigns

  • Something we see all the time when we take over an account that is focused on phone call generation is the dominant use of Adwords Call-Only campaigns. To many agencies it is the obvious, easy answer when a client is looking to generate calls.
  • However, in our experience call-only campaigns don’t perform well at generating sales.
  • The reason most agencies resort to call-only campaigns is because their landing pages are not effective at producing phone calls.
  • Instead of call-only campaigns, we have found that call-oriented landing pages deliver better overall results, higher sales with better quality calls.

Inadequate Call Tracking

  • Third party call tracking software from a provider like Invoca or Call Tracking Metrics is essential when sending visitors to a landing page designed to generate calls. Without it, we would never know which keywords are producing calls and which are not. It’s surprising how often we find call tracking incorrectly or poorly installed.
  • We have experience with all major call tracking providers, and we get your call tracking setup quickly and correctly.

Low Quality Calls

  • Poor quality calls waste money and waste call center time & resources. But worst of all, they take the place of high quality leads that you could have bought.
  • Through our SPARC process mentioned above, we deliver calls that turn into sales rather than waste your time.

Low Call Center Morale

  • Something often overlooked by marketing teams is the impact of call center morale on the ability of a business to convert calls into sales. The incessant drumbeat of repetitive low quality calls can deflate even the best salespeople and prevent them from performing their best.
  • The converse is also true. When agents are receiving highly qualified callers and closing deal after deal, the win is contagious and boosts overall conversion rates.
  • We’ll keep your call center morale high with good quality calls.

Landing Pages That Don’t Drive Calls

  • We know how to build great landing pages that are designed for calls.
    We handle the whole process for you - designing great mobile-friendly landing pages, coding them in fast HTML or Google AMP, and hosting them on our high-performance server.
  • Or if you have an existing team, we will work with them to get the job done right.

Neglecting to Split-Test Landing Pages

  • Don’t leave money on the table! You should be continuously split testing.
  • Split testing landing pages is a great way to drive steady improvement in ROI. Month after month, your landing pages keep getting better as the testing continues. PPC is tailor-made for split-testing; traffic is consistent and of known quality and we leverage that strength to drive constant improvements.

Best Closers are Not Getting the Best Calls

We use a technique called Performance Streaming to send the best quality calls to your best closers. Your sales staff and your bottom-line will thank you.

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