Humble Beginnings

At Better PPC, we started out at the dawn of pay-per-click advertising as a player in the cutthroat affiliate marketing industry.

We ran affiliate marketing campaigns for Amazon, Zappos and others affiliate programs, where our ONLY profit came from commissions on the sales we generated. We quickly found that every cent we could save on a keyword bid mattered, because it was a hyper competitive industry with ultra tight margins. It was no easy challenge.

Our need to save every cent came from being totally bootstrapped

and having to spend, and risk, our own money in order to make a profit on each campaign. We were in a Darwinian struggle with other affiliate marketers, competing for the same keywords and selling the same products. We had to spend less money on PPC than the affiliate commission we made, which was typically around 10% of the selling price. For us, it was “make a profit on PPC or fail.”

Every day, we tested tactics and techniques on scores of products to see what sold and for how much, based on different keyword bids at different prices. We tested. And tested. And tested some more. We methodically tested to find out which keywords and products would make money, and equally as important, which ones didn’t. We learned to ruthlessly cut keywords that weren’t profitable, and began building a process that eventually became repeatable, scalable and profitable.

We quickly gained a reputation as highly efficient and profitable affiliate PPC marketers,

and some of our friends and colleagues asked us to review their accounts as a favor. Then, a funny thing happened. We noticed that the systems, protocols and practices we established as “make a profit or fail” affiliate marketers were very different than what had become the “industry standard” for PPC management. Even when we reviewed profitable PPC campaigns, we found that people were making mistakes that we corrected years ago. And we saw these mistakes being made over and over.

We realized that by incorporating the methodologies we had developed over the years

as affiliate marketers with slim margins, we could turn campaigns that were losing or wasting money hand over fist into money-making campaigns with significant increases to ROI. As Google AdWords and Bing PPC ads became multi-billion dollar industries and millions of businesses began advertising with pay-per-click, we switched from being affiliate marketers to focusing exclusively on PPC management.

“Make a PPC Profit or Fail” Continues Today

Through our growth and continued success, we never lost our “make a profit or fail” mentality. Today, Google AdWords and Bing PPC are incredibly complex. And today, Better PPC is a recognized industry leader at managing large, complex PPC campaigns for companies spending a minimum of $10,000 per month on pay-per-click advertising.

That’s our story. We’re not “account managers” who passed some online certification. We’re not salespeople who close a deal and then sub-contract to another continent. We’re industry veterans who learned PPC management in the trenches. Best of all, we still manage accounts as if we are spending our own money. And that’s how we’ll manage yours.

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