We do whatever it takes to make your campaign a success

Landing page creation - Your service includes modern custom designed landing pages, coded in the latest AMP HTML protocol for fast loading speed and high conversion rate.

Landing page hosting on our blazing fast AWS server - We host your landing pages for you on high performance mobile optimized Amazon web services. The best in the world.

Split-Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization - We continuously optimize and improve your landing page through split testing. Month after month your conversion rate improves.

Unlimited access to senior strategists - Enjoy close contact with high level strategists with years of experience. You’ll never talk to a junior person.

Fast and Easy Tracking Setup - You don’t have to worry about putting the pieces together (CRM, phone tracking, analytics, PPC tracking). We have an experienced team that will smoothly implement the whole process for you.

Add Our Expertise to Your Existing Team - Integration with your company's marketing team, attend meetings, assist with coordination of your overall marketing efforts. With Better PPC, you get high level experienced professionals added to your marketing team.

Beyond the Basics - We go above and beyond PPC to help your marketing any way we can: CRO, phone sales consulting, we’ll even go over your phone logs with you.

Quality Assurance Monitoring - We call and quality check phone lines and wait times, etc.

Google Analytics Setup - We establish a custom Google Analytics data flow to enhance visibility into multi-channel performance.

A few client stories where we went above and beyond.

Hand coded landing pages to boost speed & conversion rates

One client was using Unbounce, a popular landing page hosting platform. We noticed that slow loading landing pages were hurting our conversion rate. No matter how much we tried, we could not improve page loading speed to an acceptable level, due to limitations of the Unbounce platform.

Our solution was to hand code the landing page ourselves in pure HTML to optimize it for speed, and to host the page on our own speed-optimized server. We were able to bring the page load time down from 9 seconds to 2 seconds, greatly improving the user experience and conversion rate.

During onboarding audit, we discover a competitor stealing calls

While onboarding a new client whose calls were on the decline, we decided to audit all of their online assets to troubleshoot the problem.

As part of our audit, we checked all their incoming phone numbers and discovered that about half of their Google Maps profiles had been hijacked: their competitor had edited the listings and replaced the phone numbers with their own.

Once discovered, the resolution was easy. We restored the phone numbers, secured the accounts with new passwords and established a preventive maintenance procedure to ensure it never happened again.

Split-testing to improve a call generation landing page

This particular client had PPC landing pages that were not performing well, so we did a series of split-tests to improve conversion rates and user experience.

The split-tests were done in a series of iterations to determine which page elements were most impactful at generating phone calls. In particular, we found that the phone operator picture and accompanying call to action had a significant effect on how many visitors picked up the phone.

After testing a series of variations we improved the landing page conversion rates from 6% to over 10% of visitors. This represents a more than 67% improvement in conversion rates, which was a major benefit for this client.

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