We Don’t Just Get You Leads. We Get You Quality Leads

With most commonly used lead generation strategies, we see a number of recurring problems:

Most accounts are optimized to generate the maximum number of leads for the lowest cost per lead. However, not all leads are created equal. Some leads are much more qualified and valuable than others. The problem with most strategies is that you pay the same amount for bad leads as you pay for good ones.

If you’re in an industry where sales occur offline, sales data may not be available, so you end up bidding for leads rather than for sales.

Even when sales data is tracked perfectly, with big ticket items (e.g. cars, homes, loans, contracts, or admissions) there is generally not a high enough volume of sale events to allow for statistically significant keyword bid decisions.

Our Solution to low quality leads: SPARC

SPARC = Sales Pipeline Analysis Reporting Circuit

Through SPARC, we make the most out of your CRM investment and turn your sales pipeline data into actionable insights that impact your bottom line.
SPARC is the “secret sauce” that allows us to measure quality. It’s how we routinely crush the competition before they know what hit them.
By identifying quality leads, SPARC allows us to track not just which keywords generate leads, but which generate QUALITY leads that lead to sales.
SPARC produces goldilocks data that is plentiful enough to be statistically significant, yet still meaningful enough to inform decisions.

Here’s how SPARC works:

1 First, we help clients establish the definition of a “qualified lead” and establish a process of creating a reporting circuit through which qualified leads are reported back to the marketing team. We can pull this data from your CRM system or from any format you provide.

2 Examples of a “qualified lead” would be: an insurance verification for an addiction treatment center, a loan application for a mortgage broker, or it could be a subjective evaluation by your staff.

3 Next we analyze the client’s sales records to determine the precise value of each qualified lead, e.g. how many qualified leads it will take, on average, to produce a sale.

4 We then use this data to accurately predict which keywords will produce high quality leads, and set bids accordingly.

This allows us to do 4 things:

  • Outbid the competition for keywords that produce high quality leads
  • Eliminate keywords that produce low quality leads
  • Free up staff to focus on closing qualified leads
  • Increase ROI by lowering the cost per acquisition

Benefits of SPARC:
Quality and Acceleration


Better quality leads benefit you because they:

  • Are worth more to your business
  • Let you outbid your competitors for the best leads
  • Reduce wasted spend on lower-converting leads
  • Focus valuable sales staff time on qualified leads
  • Improve sales staff morale


How accelerating optimization benefits you:

  • Accelerate the slow process of gathering statistically meaningful data
  • By optimizing for mid-funnel goals SPARC lets us improve your results MUCH FASTER than other agencies
  • We find the calls that convert, and find them fast
  • We accomplish in weeks or months what would take other agencies years

Here's an example of SPARC working for one of our clients

The Problem:

  • This particular client was receiving a large quantity of phone leads. Their call staff was busy, but many of the leads were poor quality, and they were spending too much time handling callers that weren’t serious.
  • Call center morale was low and agents dreaded picking up the next call fearing it was going to be another waste of time. Employee churn was also a significant problem for the business owner.
  • In the past, they had focused exclusively on low cost telephone leads, and they were achieving that, but because their product was a high ticket item, they didn’t have enough sales data for each keyword to know which keywords were generating sales, and which were just time-wasters.

The Solution:

To fix this problem, we implemented our Sales Pipeline Analysis and Reporting Circuit (SPARC).
In order to know how valuable a lead from a particular keyword really was, we needed to know how often leads produced by that keyword converted to sales.
First we defined what type of lead we would tag as “qualified”. Then we worked with the sales staff to tag qualified leads as they were processed. From this data we calculated the conversion rate of qualified leads to sales, i.e. how many qualified leads does it take to make a sale?

Cost/Lead Cost/Qualified Lead
Before SPARC $73 $784
With SPARC $196 $408

The Result:

With this data, we were able to completely change the bid strategy. Instead of targeting leads, we started to target qualified leads. That allowed us to bid much higher for the keywords that were generating the majority of the qualified leads and dominate the competition, generating maximum ROI. Surprisingly, it can sometimes be better to pay more per lead, when you know that those leads are more likely to generate sales.

In this specific example, the cost per lead was originally $73 and we determined the cost per “qualified lead” was $784. After applying our method described above, the cost per lead rose to around $196, but the cost per qualified lead fell to $408, nearly a 50% drop. This in turn translated into a nearly 50% lower cost per sale, and a much better ROI.

Additionally, their call staff saw a drop in unqualified leads and was able to spend more time with qualified leads, leading to a further increase in sales and better staff morale.

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Landing page speed is important on mobile

In 2019, mobile makes up an ever increasing share of total search traffic. For businesses looking to generate phone calls, mobile is the most important device type because it is so easy for users to call from mobile devices.
Google has been building awareness around how conversion rates are impacted by page load times. This is especially important on mobile devices, because they have the slowest network speeds. With PPC costs rising year over year, it is absolutely necessary to get the most out of every click.
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