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SPARC is an acronym for Sales Pipeline Analysis Reporting Circuit.

Using SPARC, we analyze your existing sales pipeline data, and then use it to make informed bidding decisions on the keywords that really matter. The impact that SPARC has on keywords is twofold: First, it allows us to identify the keywords that generate a higher volume of leads. Second, it focuses your dollars on the keywords that deliver higher quality leads.

Here’s how SPARC works:


We first help clients establish quality lead criteria and create a definition for a “qualified lead.” Using the information from your CRM, we create a reporting circuit through which qualified leads are reported back to the marketing team.


Next, we crunch the numbers to provide a precise value for your qualified leads. SPARC is able to analyze your sales data and determine how many qualified leads it will take, on average, to produce a sale.


Finally, we aggregate the data that SPARC produces and turn it into actionable insights in order to predict which keywords will produce high quality leads. From there, we set the bids accordingly using our BetterBid technology, which optimizes efficiency and accuracy for your bids.

Through SPARC, we can measure more impactful metrics that directly impact your sales. While most companies resort to soft metrics such as the raw number of calls, our technology makes it easy to identify how many quality leads we are generating and the likelihood they’ll have for turning into sales. SPARC provides the data necessary to outbid the competition, and allows you to make the most out of your CRM investment.


The reason we developed BetterBid was to solve a difficult math problem: How can we bid based on multiple data sources that all contain important relevant information? For example, consider the value of five different types of conversion: a chat session, a web form lead, a phone call, a phone call from someone qualified for financing, and a completed sale. Each of these conversions are worth different amounts and need to be valued accordingly.

Furthermore, it is very difficult to use multiple end goals in a keyword bid calculation. We had to overcome the challenge of simultaneously bidding on the cost per lead while also taking into account the differing value of the conversion types. This is the essence of the problem that BetterBid was developed to solve.

With commercially available bid management systems (Marin, Kenshoo, Acquisio, etc), we would have to pick one factor to use for optimization. This works fine for simple situations, such as collecting web form leads that are all considered to have the same value, or selling a product directly to the consumer who can check out using a shopping cart on your site. But when faced with multiple, meaningful types of conversion, we needed something that commercially available bid management software could not provide: a system that can integrate these diverse, sometimes contradictory data sources into one meaningful bid management decision.

We approached Frederick Vallaeys, a world-renowned Adwords script expert & lead engineer on the team that created the AdWords quality score algorithm, to help us develop a solution. We collaborated with Frederick and his programming team to develop BetterBid. We combined his expertise with our bid management experience in order to create an automated platform that delivers better results.

Automation is an absolute necessity when dealing with large complex accounts, but expert human guidance is also required to maximize business results. BetterBid is the perfect blend between an automation platform and a human touch.

Scientific Keyword Evaluation Formula

How much is a click worth to your business? We turn your unique business situation into a math problem, then we solve it. We have distilled keyword bid evaluation down to a science that translates your unique business goals into intelligent bidding decisions.

We take a mathematical approach to defining business goals which allows us to determine keyword value. This includes identifying your desired cost per conversion, click conversion rate and conversion quality factor.

Our Scientific Keyword Evaluation Formula is a core component of the BetterBid platform. It is our formalized game plan for setting bids and defining the key performance indicators that are critical for delivering results.

Other Tools

In order to increase efficiency and achieve a high ROI for our clients, we also utilize technologies from these trusted partners.


It helps us live our motto with regards to ads: “always be testing”. We are constantly testing the maximum number of ads to achieve optimal performance for your account.


Frederick’s software is one of the most advanced in the industry. We use a number of its advanced features to streamline PPC account management


AdEspresso is a worthwhile product specifically for the Facebook Ads platform that has some valuable time-saving, split-testing and reporting tools.

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